Established in Woodend in 1974, Barker Trailers now manufactures from two Victorian plants in Woodend and Maryborough, with total factory size of over 30,000 square metres.

The trailers are designed with working drawings produced at Woodend. Trailer frames are built “from the ground up” by our team of highly skilled boiler makers and welders. Once this stage is completed, the frames are grit blasted and painted – ready for fit out and delivery to the customer.

Barker Trailers employs around 200 people, with close to 25 apprentices employed at any one time. Around 7-8 apprentices are brought on board each year as Barker is proudly an active participant in apprenticeship training schemes.
A well structured team approach is the key to Barker Trailer’s quality. Years of experience and know-how alongside quality systems that check each stage of a trailer’s manufacture from the drawing board to pre-delivery ensure a quality product every time.

Ultimately, it is the client who assesses the quality of products and services and demonstrates their satisfaction with repeat business. We are proud to have a long list of loyal repeat clients since we were established.

Our Service

First of all, you’ll be greeted with a hands-on, personalized approach to discuss your specific requirements. Our company’s computerized design department will then show you through our complete range of trailer options. Whether you require a slight modification or a major re-design, your needs will be met.

Once your trailer design is complete and the order is placed, the production team set out to ensure that every specification detail and manufacturing process is completed to exacting standards, and within the scheduled delivery time.

From the chassis assembly to the final fit out, every stage of the trailer is handled in an elevated position to achieve the best possible finish.

At Barker Trailers, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a first class product. The major components (e.g. Suspension, Axles, Brakes etc.) are all sourced from suppliers who have an extensive Australia-wide dealer network. We also aim to use Australian-made BHP steel wherever possible.

The need to constantly solve problems drives the process of innovation. We understand that there is always a better way to do something at every stage of production, from design to fabrication stage to finish. Client feedback is invaluable – the clients operate the equipment – we only build it – so if a client suggests an improvement or identifies a problem we do what we can to implement the change or modify the design. In addition the production process drives innovation with the constant need to do things smarter and faster. Barker Trailers undertook the commitment four years ago to implement state-of-the-art 3D modelling software as well as installing a 15 metre computer controlled plasma steel cutting machine.

So, as you can see, the benefits of owning a Barker Trailer are many. From the support services and the latest in design features to the “proud-to-own-finish”, it’s all built around you remaining a Barker customer for life!

Barker Trailers – Fast Facts

  • Year established: 1974
  • Client base: Australia-wide
  • Factory Size: 30,000 m2 undercover (across Woodend and Maryborough plants)
  • Production capacity: In excess of 1000 trailers per year
  • Materials used: Australian-made BHP steel where possible
  • Employees: Approximately 200 people
  • Apprentices employed: Approximately 25 at any one time with new programs in place to continually recruit more
  • Sponsorships/Charities Supported: Various local charities and organisations